On April, 21 2021 Sumy State University hosted the event for PhD students on how to do research. The theme of this seminar was "Guidelines to Doctoral Thesis Preparation" and it tackled the following issues in the following sections:

Section 1. Theoretical background of the research idea:

- analysis of trends of scientific and Internet users’ interest to your research issue (Google Trends);

- bibliometric analysis in your research field  (VOSviewer);

- optional parts of the seminar:

' current state of the research issue in your country / worldwide (analytical chapter);

' clarification of the theoretical framework of the research issue (literature review section).

 Section 2. Bibliometric analysis in your research field:

- co-occurrence of your research issue with other concepts;

- geographical dissemination of your research idea;

- timeline dimension of your research idea etc.

Section 3. Identification of the theoretical framework of your research issue:

- systematization of approaches to identifying the essence of the research concept;

- systematization of objects, functions and principles of the research concept;

- systematization of approaches to assessment or measurement of the research issue (if applicable), etc.